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Re: How to be non-competitive in a competitive world

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
My point of the Dali Lama posting is that even in Buddhism, the concept of defense is there. The Dali Lama recognizes the need for mitigation of violence.

So, the big question is the purpose of budo to eliminate the so-called competitive mind, or is the purpose of it to keep it in check or hold it accountable?

Another thought comes to mind. You may have a non-competitive mind and be completely enlightened and transformed...however, when you meet a competitive mind that is intent on competing with are in a competition whether you recognize it or not. You may choose to NOT accept it, but the mere fact you establish a connection, relationship, or are competing. Failure to recognize that means the competitive mind will impose his will on you and achieve his desired end state.

Even Ghandi in his pursuit of non-violent resistance was in competition for an ideal.

Again, right street, wrong tree on the whole focus on the competitive mind.
Once again I give an alternative viewpoint.

The Buddhist concept of defence is actually one that the competitive mind cannot grasp. O'Sensei to all intents and purposes operated from a true buddhist/shinto viewpoint. He talked about 'no attack' in Aikido and thus no defence but the competitive mind cannot and will never understand what that means. Therefor if such a person was to ever use such terms they would have a totally different meaning. Hence people didn't understand what he meant being a common thread.

The whole point of Aikido is to show how when meeting a person of competitive mind you are not in a competition and how to be so.

I am not in competition with my attacker. I do not compete with him. I help him out of his own condition and then he feels better. Aikibudo.

Regards G.
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