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Re: Do I need Japanese to practice in Japan?

Grant Barker wrote: View Post
Cheers Jim. That makes sense.

I haven't asked this question but How much does a Gi cost. (outfit). Sorry if I spelt that wrong. And should we expect the dojo to have and sell them or do we usually get them from another store or supplier?

Do not expect your local dojo to sell dogi or other practice equipment, though I believe Tokyo Hombu does. Your sensei or a senior student in the class may have a connection and be able to get one for you at a slight discount, or they may know of a store nearby where you can get one.

I would expect to pay between 7,000 and 10,000 yen for a dogi here in Japan.

One convenient retailer is Tozando, a company down here in Kyoto. They sell all sorts of martial arts supplies and their website is in both Japanese and English, and you can order online. I was very pleased with my dogi from them, but a little less so with the hakama I ordered from them.

Good luck!

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