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Re: Do I need Japanese to practice in Japan?

Thanks for the thoughtful and supportive replies folks.

gdandscompserv: Thanks - I have the basics of being polite down ok. (kind of a natural thing I guess, coupled with respect as a foreigner for the host nation and Japanese culture in general).

heathererandolph: Thanks - Go for it! really is the only way I believe with many things. Cheers for the support.

Dirk Hanss: Cheers. I'll check out the other parts of the forum and indeed keep a sharper eye out for info here in Japan from now on.

Peter Goldsbury: Thank You. I've been here a while and no this isn't a short term thing. Just been biding my time and things are starting to come together and feel right. I agree about learning the language. I'm hoping that all things come together equally. Soon a different apartment, Aikido, maybe some friends and hopefully therefore the lingo.
I'm actually 38 (even though I still appreciate the support) so I can see myself staying here for a fair few years if the dots keep joining themselves up in good time.

I did Aikido for about 6 weeks in the States about 5 years ago. (The school closed and I never followed it up and moved on). I remember feeling on a high back then and when kicking a football around in the playing fields - I'd be rolling around practicing Ukemi like a noob.

Looking forward to hopefully feeling a similar degree of inner peace again soonish.

All the Best everyone. Cheers.

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