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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

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I will also make a prediction that in ten years those "doing the work" will not have achieved Ueshiba's level...and between then and now many are going to have problems. It's just the nature of the beast.

Go ahead and build a different body and you have no control over some things at all...those that claim to have studied deeply should know better or at least be a little worried...or haven't you been really listening to what was said by those that went before....

You can end up in a right mess and many have...all to feed someone's ego (maybe even you're own) and follow the dream of being a Budo people have no idea.

It should be noted that out of 10,000,000 people doing aikido only 1000 has met Mr Harden. I would be asking for some kind of insurance and how he will support even the few people he personally knows if things go wrong....

It should also be noted that most enlightened people don't do MA do they? they don't kick or punch anyone? so what have you got? you don't have aikido for sure....

All the best

If you want to build a conversation around your topic, please start a new thread. It's the polite thing to do.

If you believe there are mental/spiritual/psychological issues that can be detrimental to IP/aiki training, please open a new thread. I'm sure people will want to know if there are damaging effects to this training. Of course, providing the training exercises in detail with the abnormal effects from them would be required. My guess was that what we detail out as aiki was different from yours, but you seemed to not think so. So, we'll want to see your detailed view of things to compare it to ours to make sure we're talking about the same training.

On the research end of things, please provide in your new thread, the quotes, articles, interviews, and misc material to support your theory, if we are not "really listening to what was said by those that went before". We have done our due diligence in that regard. Please show us yours in this new thread. It would be nice to understand why Ueshiba stated so vehemently that he was a man of budo, and not one of religion. Being a man of budo and being so outstanding in this area, he was a budo giant. I'm sure people would like to see the relevent research that shows how Ueshiba's dreams to become a man of budo were really not that at all.

As for enlightenment, please view the relevant threads here on Aikiweb that people have started regarding aikido leading to enlightenment. Then, in your new thread, please explain how these people are wrong in their views.

Finally, in your new thread, please detail out why Ueshiba was showing atemi on film if there is no punching in aikido, as you suggest?

Overall, though, please start a new thread. Other people have posted that they seem to find some interest in the subject of this thread and I'd rather not derail that for them.

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