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Re: YouTube: Yoshinobu Takeda Sensei as Obi Wan Kenobi

If you are referring to the Guillaume Erard interview of Tissier, I think you will find he doesnt debunk ki, he says it exists and it is part of aikido technique. But he prefers not to talk about it or focus on it. He prefers to focus on the waza itself.

He says: "I have met quite a few Senseis and I must say that the ones who speak of [ki] the most are often the ones who have the poorest technique. Of course, this is not true for everybody, but Ki is not tangible. Ki is within us. There is Ki everywhere; either we know how to use it or we don’t....

To get back to Ki, I prefer not to say too much about it, as I think the discourses about this topic are often very misleading.

A.M.: Your choice is therefore to focus solely on the technique.

C.T: That is right because the technique will unlock the body! Once you have unlocked your body and removed all fears, the gesture will be fluid and this will allow more kokyu. If you add an intention to this kokyu, the Ki will naturally occur."
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