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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Creating a model of the exterior movement, won't help at all. It is the interior reorganization that is the factor that MAKES the difference in the external model. And that...will never be tracked. One example, is that study tracking how the ICMA made a punch. It tracked lines of force that anyone can copy. No one will equal it by attempting to mimic his movement.

Eric is not an engineer. I have PHD and and Masters degreed engineers I work with who cannot figure out how to model what is going on. and THEY? They train it and can do some things. Interestingly being taught the exact way to move, has not availed them.
Mimicing the form simply doesn't work. I can stick out my arm and have someone push on it, and then have someone copy me. Zip. I can tell them exactly what I am Then I can tell them how I am reorganizing inside and they can start to get a "feel" for what to do.

It has been taught by metaphor for generations for good reason. I have perhaps a few dozen bodyworkers, also doctors and chiropractors who train with me. They know all the body parts. It hasn't helped them one bit over anyone else.
Using intent to connect and motivate the body in accord with opposing forces is a mental challenge more than a physical one. It is also why virtually all of Eric's analysis fails. When you don't understand what you need to do to support what, and how to move what with what, that's one failure. When you don't understand how the mind has to organize it- you wind up with all these models, which virtually no one who understands this stuff has supported.

It sure as hell isn't some secret. there are thousands of people training this. Many of whom read Aikiweb. They just know that it is *intent* that makes the defining difference. It is the mind f#$%k that has challenged budo players for generations. There is a reason that entire martial systems are names after and include that single word; intent!
I offered to help the best and only way I know how.... in person. Even then it is a process you undertake, a different way to use the body that will take years.

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