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David Yap
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Re: Aikido dojo in Hong Kong

Bing Yen Chang wrote: View Post

I've been training aikido at Shudokan Malaysia for the past 3 years and just got my 3rd Kyu.
But I'll have to say goodbye to my aikdo family in Malaysia, since I'm going to Hong Kong for university at the end of this month.

I've found quite a number of dojos in Hong Kong with the dojo search.
Can anybody recommend me a dojo at Hong Kong to train at?
I currently have no idea which dojo to go or try out first

Oh ya, which of those Hong Kong dojos teach in the Yoshinkan style?

Thank you for your help

All the best wishes to you in Hong Kong.

Doing the same dojo search in Aikiweb, there is only one dojo that practices the Yoshinkan system of instructions and that is the last one on the list. My advice is to stick to this system till you get a dan grade. If you decide to switch, then choose a dojo which is close to your university or close to where you are living.


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