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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

Hey Mark,
I understand the confusion now. I also think that there are several components that make up "Aiki". If I had to over simplify it I would simply call it rhythm and timing (as in my video). I think that Shioda would simply call what I was describing "Kokyu Ryoku". I do think that Kokyu Ryoku, as described in Shioda's "Total Aikido" is the most important lesson in Aikido, but I also think that Shioda is saying it's only part of the puzzle.

The "It has to be felt" (IHTBF) argument. What Shioda is describing is very simple and straight forward, I think we can all come to an understanding and agree about what he is saying. I'm sorry if I am painting in broad strokes, but I don't feel we have hashed much out yet. Once we get the broad strokes filled in, we can get to the detail.

Also Mark, I'm sorry if I'm over simplifying your stand point. But the videos you showed, and most of what you and the IP/IS crowd is talking about seems, to me, to be focused on what Shioda is calling "Shuchu-Ryoku". Am I wrong in assuming that this is your main field of interest? And that this is what the majority of the videos you've shown are emphasizing?

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