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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

I wouldn't add those things to my list for aiki, Mark. Shioda was pretty limited to that "one line" idea that (IME) vexes the majority of JMA- but he had "aiki" to a degree. I would never chose to move like him or (its by far, less efficient, and incomplete) but with other training in still get aiki.
As I have said elsewhere- you can have IP/Aiki and still be vulnerable to good fighters with more efficient martial movement and understanding of the needs for combatives. In that regard I remain unimpressed with the martial movement of most people in the TMA- most notably ALL the Aiki based arts.
As it is with a certain point I'm happy to leave most JMA people moving like they do - and both Daito Ryu ( mainline) and Aikido's "one line model" is at the top of the list

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