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Hi Tartar,
We seem to have lost sight of your question, 'tho by now you've probably asked a sempai or your sensei. Are you asking how do you irimi or move forward from a left hamni stance while seated in seiza? When I get confused in suwariwaza I just think of my lower leg as a foot, so I would step foward with my leading leg (Left) while turning my hips enough to keep my feet together and bring my back (right) leg along with. I think it is easy to forget to bring along the back leg (as we often forget the back foot while standing),and then our balance goes forward and our face hits the mat. Or forget to keep our feet togther so our weight is not centered, we tip back and forth, wave our hands in the air and then our face hits the mat. Or so it is for me.
Stuart, nice to see you haven't left us entirely. I think everyone pretty much covered your question. We train in seiza because it quickly shows us when we are unbalanced, or trying to muscle, or ignoring the power of turning the hips,and so improves our standing technique. They moved like this in feudal Japan for other reasons, but the end result was the same, so we still do it. Do they have anything similar to this in kickboxing? I really don't know much about that art, but it seems like balance would be very important...

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