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Re: aikido = self-defense??? or self-defense = aikido???

Bien Nguyen wrote: View Post
I don't know about this but if I saved myself, I would feel pretty darn good, definitely better than poetry, dancing, moonlight, waterfalls, and ocean waves.
I have saved myself a few times, but I was most often to blame for the situation I was in. Like ... hurtling through the air after coming off a motorcycle at the race track ... Happened a few times ... until I realised it was probably not my true vocation. Real Satori there. In fact, I once had a part-time job (Mother Bokujo in Japan) as a student - to teach kids to ride mountain bikes - and part of it was that I had to slam the front brake on and fly over the handlebars ... to show to the kids the danger of too much front brake. I think they got the message.

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