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aikido = self-defense??? or self-defense = aikido???

Aikido is a Japanese martial art founded in the 20th century by Mohihei Ueshiba based on aiki-jujustu techniques with a modern philosophy of establishing harmony from conflict.

Self-defense is a practical set of techniques that vary from person to person that probably has been around as long as people have been people and before.

Aikido is poetry, dancing, moonlight, waterfalls, and ocean waves. It feels good.

Self-defense is whatever the heck it takes to save yourself. It feels okay.

Aikido creates peacefulness in the practitioner.

Self-defense relies on heightened adrenaline and precise targets.

Aikido is a form of self-defense.

Self-defense is a bigger than aikido and incorporates an unlimited set of responses.

Aikido incorporates an unlimited set of responses.

Aikido equals self-defense. Self-defense equals aikido.

It depends on who you are listening to.

When I was teaching self-defense I heard so about the problem. For example: "He did this…." Or "She said this…."

Aikido training involves what I can let happen and what I can change: Myself. I can accept what is happening and make centered choices based on being in the now.

Self-defense = the same.

The techniques of aikido are more difficult to master than simple techniques of self-defense.

The self-refection of self-defense and the asking of hard questions: such as "What am I willing to do to defend myself?" and "Would I fight over money?" is also part of aikido.

The philosophy of aikido of least possible harm can be incorporated into self-defense with a commitment to training.

Aikido and self-defense both incorporate awareness training, stress being in the present and having good posture. Relaxation is emphasized in both….maybe more in aikido.

The difference is the goal, maybe. Aikido's being the restoration of harmony and self-protection, and self-defense being just self-protection.
They have a lot of similarities. I can also see why others would say the two practices are really different.

I learned practical self-defense skills to enhance my aikido training. I needed to develop confidence long before my aikido techniques were effective.

About ten years ago I let go of self-defense training to focus solely on aikido.

One enhances the other, but aikido emphasizes the solution and self-defense accentuates the problem.

Aikido = positivity and empowerment. Self-defense = negativity and empowerment.

Self-defense is good and needed. It should be taught in every middle school and high school.

Aikido is wonderful and essential. Students should begin in first grade and continue to study for the rest of their lives.

No conclusion is necessary.

I chose aikido, then self-defense and aikido and then just aikido. That is my journey…any thoughts on yours?

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