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Re: where is the Aiki in Dentokan Aiki-Jujutsu

Mike Braxton wrote: View Post
What distinguishes the two arts is muscle. The aiki-jujitsu art that I was cross training seperates the two levels by muscle. Once you get high enough into it, they then introduce the aiki. You re-learn the waza but with aiki involved. Some techniques stay the same while others add an extra step or two. If it is not emphasized in your club, you maybe are not high enough yet or that is something that you will have to investigate on your own using outside sources.
I appreciate that and it's probably true to a degree. There are several shihans in my club but not all of them either care to or are able to articulate the aiki side of the art. My senior shihan who has spent alot of time with Hobbs Sensei likes to lift the veil on the shihan kata more and introduce little nuances to students he feels are at a point where they can be shown it.
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