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Re: Mr. Vickery, A Question?

Originally posted by Mike Haber
What is Obata Kaiso's aikido like? I know that he trained directly under Shioda Kancho but what is his aikido like?

Also, in Yoshinkan, what is iriminage like? I have seen two different ways of doing iriminage. One way is like how I have seen Isoyama and Saito do it by using a tenkan or opening and turning off the line and then returning back the same way and cutting down the uke. The other is the way Seagal does it with a direct enter into the attack and cutting down the uke. There is no tenkan in his movement.
Hello Mike!

Obata Kaiso's aikido has definite Yoshinkan roots. It's direct, hard, efficient and effective.

I can't answer your question about 'iriminage' in Yoshinkan, Obata Kaiso is not affiliated with the Yoshinkan hombu dojo. But in his organization
( Aikibujutsu Tanren Kenkyukai), iriminage is taught in both the sequences that you mentioned, along with third variation that I can think of off the top of my head.

I'll try and describe that third variation. The attack can be almost anything: yokomenuchi, munetuski, katadori, katatedori, ryotedori, kosadori, etc. Nage cuts/blends ukes strike/grab down as he enters in front of uke, in a continuous circular movement nage then guides that attacking arm up and over the opposite shoulder, while simultaneously grabbing the back of ukes neck or shoulder with his other hand. Then with a hip snap nage throws uke onto his back.

I hope this helps?


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