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Re: Aikido techniques are structured around six main pillars?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
1. Shiho nage (four direction throw)
2. Irimi nage (entering throw)
3. Kaiten nage (turn causing throw)
4.Kokyu ho (rhythmic techniques)
5. Osae waza (Pinning techniques)
6. Ushiro waza (movment to the rear)
Hi Chris Hein,

thank you for the enlightenment that is something that i do every day that i don't know if my thoughts are wrong? Irimi and tenkan should the basis, basic movements of techniques like we use to example, we use Irimi nage and Omote nage in post manuscript the old Aikikai since K. Tohei Sensie taught in the Philipines 1963, the irimi nage & Omote nage we still practice them as variations and more.

and about 1. Shiho nage moves are (I) & (T)

2. Irimi nage of course movement of lateral arm swing to execute it sometimes Irimi nage is being mistaken as Kokkyu nage Irimi and other diction Tenkan.

3. Kaiten nage have two diction's to (I) & (T)

4. Kokyu ho (rhythmic techniques) or blending motion or leading movement to apply tecq. to a give situation. with I*T

5. Osae waza (Pinning techniques) pinning, you can also pin them in I*T movements

6. Ushiro waza (movment to the rear)[/quote] can be applied I*T as well

kindly Elaborate.? co`z i still have things in mind that is not clear

respectfully Yours
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