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Re: What to do...?

I'm a shodo"thug" and proud of it, but I have noticed that our curriculum has many differences while still sharing a common thread with other styles of aikido. It's not that henka waza is not taught and it is not that we don't practice it however the majority of practice comes in the form of doing a technique in a vacuum, that and randori. This is like a middleground between the two. My point was to add MORE emphasis to this part as a teaching approach. A lot of the mindset I have seen has been "I am practicing technique X because that is what the instructor wants" and they will fight for the technique but if it were presented by the instructor as do technique x, but if that fails transition into y or z it will re-enforce to the student that it is OK as well as limit the ability of the uke to anticipate and resist because they will not know exactly what is coming.

PS. The dedicated manner that I mentioned was not to slight anyones dedication. It was more along the lines of dedicating more time to this type of practice and instruction in a systematic way, not just be encourage to do it when the time comes. In a perfect world the technique would just be there and work flawlessly every time but I am definitely not perfect.

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