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Re: What to do...?

Dirk Hanss wrote:
@Seiser sensei: You are absolutely right, Lynn, but does it help in dealing with a resisiting uke? I can tell him "a high ranked aikidoka in the U.S. always says ...", but if is not able or willing to understand his role, I have to find a way to teach him. Or maybe I just missed your point.
Please, I am a perpetual student, so it is Sempai.

While I would agree that it is your role to teach, if the other person want to progress in Aikido (or anything) it is their role to learn.

Keep explaining the nature and purpose of Keiko (training). I never get anything on the first hundred presentations. I think i used to be that resistant uke, because I didn't know how to relax. Be patient and compassionate.

Their resistance to you, and yours to them, is more mental than physical. Perhaps as you accept and relax more, they will too.

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