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Dennis Good
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Re: What to do...?

I want to start by thanking Tommy S for starting this thread. It just caused me to realize something that I've always known and always done but never really thought about. Aikido doesn't work by fighting resistance but by going with it. I've always been taught and have taught in my classes that if it gets to the point of too much resistance in the technique, to not fight it and go with the resistance into another technique. What my revelation is, is that we never really trained for that in a dedicated manner. In judo classes they practice this. They will teach Harai O Goshi, then they will teach O Soto Gari, then they will teach you how to transition from one to the other if the first fails. We have done this from time to time but perhaps if we trained in this manner a little often it could be very beneficial. I think I am going to start teaching this way a little more, when I'm not teaching kata. Just a thought.
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