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Re: Baseline skillset

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A thorough attempt at knocking IT down on a substantive basis is a worthwhile effort....If you succeeded in knocking me down the ideas are still there. It is wasted effort trying to knock me down, cause I really don't count for much. I just pointed to the ideas and the things that call them into play -- I didn't invent them. They don't travel on my merit, and good thing, too. If I were run out on a rail, somebody else will eventually point to the same ideas and ask naughty questions, too.

I made a long list of questions that no one really answered yet.
Yeah, we already know... nobody can win unless you say so, right?

I can't imagine how so many people who have not met or know each other from Adam, can all be talking about the same ONE thing and understand perfectly what the other person is saying, and YET, only YOU and YOUR theory stands out amongst the rest as the ONE ultimate, undefeatable theorem of Aikido movement to end all other MA movement theories.

Oh, I apologize, you didn't invent the concepts, you're just playing devils advocate for the heck of it.... because you can, not because it's the right and responsible thing to do... have you considered that this garden path that you are essentially exhorting some ignorant neophytes to follow may not in fact be the right one?

What long list of questions? I thought those were already answered, by various persons? Oh... you mean answered to YOUR satisfaction.... with the answers YOU wanted to hear?

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