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Re: Baseline skillset

Don't swing the pendulum so far. I've never said everyone doesn't get it. I have said the stuff is here and there and either the teachers withhold it to make themselves look good or others simply don't know it.

The enlightenment angle is another thing your blowing up. Come on bud don't do that stuff. Just talk to me. I don't claim enlightment. I said the folks would be able to adroitely handle agression in a more impassive and nuetral fashion. At least better then they do without these skills. And that would come closer to fullfiling -Ueshiba's- vision of peace thru the art.

Your suggestion that everyone would be leaving aikido is perfectly ridiculous and not even the point. I say stay in Aikido.
But I'll take your dig and run with it.
"If you love it, you don't have to leave it. Learn what the basic core of what it really was about and then do it the right way......." Hey shot first. kidding... kidding. Where are those damn smiley's, mine are gone.

Passive agressive
Some of the least passive agressive and more well balanced men I know are judoka, wresttlers and MMA types. When you mix it up, everything speaks for itself. Ki, shmee, if ya can't make it work its back to the drawing board. Any art that breeds so much cooperation breeds passive/ agressive tendencies. Having good internal skills will make Aikidoka more powerful...and here's the key..... All within Aikido. That's it and thats all.

And the reason I argue on two fronts is that I firmly believe in MMA training. It is the great equalizer of everything. Sorry, I can't help but feel that way. I've both seen and been part of so many theories blown to hell in the hands of a good fighter. A fact I believe you are familair with and agree to. We are after all talking about body conditioning that brings about enhanced skills not martial technique. Lighten up. Ya don't have to join anyone elses gang nor are you being asked too. :-)

I already said why I am here. as well as other places and yes ya pinhead (kidding) I am that altruistic.
My freely giving and sharing (although on my own terms) is a matter of record. I teach for free and pay the bills. I have now taught some dozen guys from the list and didn't charge a penny. And some of them have written in here in the past.
I answered why in the last post


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