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Re: Baseline skillset

Yes George, very good post.

I have spoken up on occasion when I have either caught something that I felt was incorrect, or when I detected a incongruency in their logic, or wanted clarification on a particular point.

I read pretty darn near all of the post, really in an attempt to understand better what it is that they are really talking about.

However, I do not see the value in discussing something that must be described through touch, feel, and doing. Not discussion on aikiweb.

The only two issue I have ever had was:

one, dealing with the criteria/situation/conditions in which they could or were willing to demonstrate within.

two, that they can unequivocally stand judge over who gets it and doesn't get it.

Dan has gone so far to say that my description of what I do when I grapple using kokyu skills because of the verbage I use here on aikiweb shows him that I don't get it! Maybe I don't...I don't know.

To me it becomes like trying to discuss comparative religion with a fundamentalist. You simply cannot establish common ground or a base as they are so stuck in what the define as right and true, that we can never have a rational conversation. We cannot agree on a common ground in which to have this conversation.

As far as doing it. I think certainly given a set of controlled conditions with a training and a set of defined parameters that people can darn near demonstrate whatever they'd like to.

Heck, when I was in Beijing last year I was simply amazed at the Beijing Circus watching a guy jump up a set of stairs, inverted on one hand with another guy balanced on his foot on one hand.

One might say that is simply impossible, but I saw it, and I think it exhibits a extradinary mastery of many,many things to include many of the so-called internal skills that we talk about here.

How about those russian roof jumping guys on Youtube? Pretty impressive and they defy gravity and all paradigms of what we thought possible.

However, what do these things have to do with budo and martial arts?

Maybe they have application and we can learn from them. Maybe not. Maybe the skills that Dan and Mike have are useful...maybe not.

One would have to bring those skills into a martial enviornment and effectively apply them.

In my eyes, and criteria, if you cannot demonstrate that you can perform these things in a non-compliant, dynamic way..that is...using aliveness...or within the parameters as generally accepted in budo/marital arts...then you do not impress me from this stand point.

The Bejing Circus dude, and the Russian Roof jumpers may not be able to show us how to use their internal skills in a non-compliant, alive environment....that does not discount their skill, just means that they have nothing to offer to aikido, or it is possible that they could show us a few things that are g-whiz or may be helpful...i don't know until we try.

I have felt the power of Saotome and Ikeda sensei. Bob Galeone, and Jimmy Sorrentino have been my primary instructors within aikido over the years. I have felt the power of a few great world class brazillians too.

I am told that these individuals do not "get it". Even though they have never worked with them. Not sure how they know this, but..okay.

So, until I work with Dan or Mike, and we can agree to the martial criteria and conditions in which to demonstrate and work on these things in...I simply have nothing to say about it.

I have yet to see any video on Youtube or the like that has impressed me martially that these things are overwhelmingly so important that it is worth focusing this much effort on. Neither have I ever experienced a power so special that it warranted me dumping all my BJJ training and AIkido training to study.

Frankly I think it is all there anyway, that has been my debate with Dan and Mike.

Yes George, I agree that there is much more to budo, aikido, MMA, and martial arts than all this talk about this very, very detailed discussion on this topic.

So, until I have the opportunity to work with the likes of Dan and Mike, I refrain from judgement, and I see it to be pointless.

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