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Diana Frese
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Re: A Christian perspective on Budo

Hello Konstantin!

Thanks for joining the discussion. I hope you will continue. I would very much like to read your ideas and beliefs.

Our town (actually city) is a little over 100,000 in population but we have diverse churches and other faith communities. We have a Ukranian seminary, but I think it is Catholic rather than Orthodox.
Someday I would like to visit the museum there or attend one of the fall festivals. Many groups here have sales and food events, some with folklore like dancing and costumes.

In the next neighborhood there is St. Mary's Russian Orthodox Church. A friend of our family made pirogies for us when I was a child. She was Polish, but attended the Russian Orthodox church when it was located downtown, before it moved to a more suburban location where there was more space for it. I have been to their "Troika Fair" three or more times. Once I brought my friend from Long Island who had worked in the library here and attended the Aikido class I taught at the local YMCA before she moved back to Long Island. She visits when she can, so I invited her to the fair.

Another time I brought my brother and we ate pirogies, just like when I was a child. Less than two weeks ago a friend from our Episcopal Church was driving me back from working on her garden and eagerly agreed to stop at the Troika Fair. Lunch was over, but she bought a cake and some holiday plates and I bought a couple of books. They didn't have much advertising this year so I decided to help them advertise next year. With something that good, you want to share it with as many people as possible.

Anyway, Konstantin, please keep writing. I just added some information on our local communities you might find interesting. But I am eager to read what you and Ewen and hopefully, others write on this fascinating topic of the relationship between budo and Christianity. Especially since you are studying to be a priest. We are lucky to have you joining the discussion.

thanks again, Diana
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