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Re: 6th kyu forever

There is a lot of good advice above, but, to provide a slightly different perspective:

Different instructors have different styles, and different students are looking for different things. If you want the thing your instructor is teaching, be happy with whatever it is the instructor is doing. If you are not happy with it, either try to get something else out of the classes, or look for another instructor. If you determine that the instructor doing something other than what you are looking for (for example, maybe you specifically want a standard USAF education that matches those training videos), that is 100% fine, and neither of you have any further obligation towards the other. It would be no different that if you found a Yoga instructor in your town teaching a different style of Yoga than the one you were hoping to learn.

Also, "the thing your instructor is teaching" is best judged by looking at the more senior students in the class (assuming there are senior students around), and not the instructor. Some instructors are very good at passing what they do along to their students, others are not, but they are definitely passing along something or no one would be there. So don't ask "do I want to be able to do what sense is doing?", and instead look at someone who's been there a few years and ask "would I be happy if, in a few years, I was doing as well as that person?" Then repeat the process for students who have been there a few years longer than that, and again for students who have been there a few years longer than that. If you like what you see, then trust in the process and - to the best of your ability - relax, and let any frustrations slip away.
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