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Breakfall injury?

I have just started training again at Indianapolis Aikikai after about 15 years off! My first class went well (although I realized how uncoordinated I am) and I did breakfalls just fine.

At class yesterday I was warming up and I did mae ukemi and as I was coming out of the roll I felt a surge of pain. I got up and felt as if I'd torn something in my lower abdomen. I don't know the "medical" term for the area but it's under the abdomen and just above the, err... package area, lol.

I have never injured anything in that area before so I have no experience from which to draw from. I've strained abdomenal muscles but they didn't seem to carry the same amount of pain.

I have serious issues going from a prone to standing position and vice versa and although the pain has reduced a bit after 24 hours it's still very present and there is no way I could possibly train in this position. It's funny how you don't realize just how much a certain muscle group contributes to your everyday movement until you injury it!

I was interested to know whether or not anyone has experienced an injury like this during mae ukemi and how it turned out.

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