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Re: Taking on Brazilian Jiujitsu

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If anything i find it a refreshing change to use my body to actually fight, rather than put it up there on a pedestal and worship it.

Helio Gracie, learned from his forefathers, to combine different styles, and then make something original from it. That is what i am doing.
At the dojo I go to, we don't worship our bodies. As a matter of fact, every time I go to class, I learn how much I suck at using my body.

In my first month of Aikido I was already training against punches, collar grab, and shoulder grab. That diagonal hand chop (yokomen uchi) is pretty much the same angle as a haymaker/hook punch, and the reach is practically the same.

From what I understand, Helio Gracie mostly studied just Judo, albeit a very early version of it. He and his brother did make enough changes to what they learned to create a distinct martial art. There is a local BJJ instructor in my area who had previous experience in Kosen Judo (a Judo school specializing in ground fighting) but still got submitted quickly - thus making him a BJJ convert.
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