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Re: Taking on Brazilian Jiujitsu

John Robinson wrote: View Post
If anything i find it a refreshing change to use my body to actually fight, rather than put it up there on a pedestal and worship it.

BTW the first lesson consists of escapes from the mount, from a headlock, punches and neck grab. I know for a fact that this isn't taught in mainstream Aikido, so as i said i found this very refreshing to experience.
Mount yes but headlock, punches and neck grab (collar grab or wrestler grab) i was taught in "mainstream" Aikido.

Plus the actual process of doing free form fighting/Randori, which is another thing that isn't taught in Aikido, was like another breath of fresh air running through my body.
Hasn't it ever occurred to you to actually go out a do a friendly spar with somebody who trains in another martial art, while you where training in Aikido?
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