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Re: What makes Aikido aikido (to you)?

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I seem to remember a quote from M. Ueshiba, "You can't do my aikido; you must find your own."

Powerful words that surely require a lot of courage even after we begin to understand what "aikido" is.
Hi Chuck
I liked that. And courage is perhaps the right word. Budo sometimes saddens me, or more simply- people in it do. When they step out to take their place in the dance, it sometimes seems to call to the worst in men, instead of the very best. For that reason it's sometimes a priveledge and honor to see men stand in the face of lies and half truths. And in the face of challenge- it can be very surprising to watch just who's integrity fails them and who's remains. So in the end, I think you were spot on with choosing courage as a requirement. I think "forged" is a good word too. For our skill is not given, and when we are standing alone, it cannot be forged. For we will be known. Because there is only way to -truly- posess it, it has to -be- forged.
And if Aikido was meant to be love, then it needs no explanation, requires no defense and should be looking for the best in all. Where does technique and personal forging meet spirit? That takes...tremendous courage as well.
Hope all is well.

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