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Re: Aikido as an actual Martial Art

Michael Gelum wrote: View Post
Greetings Mr. Rashid,

If you are relying on Aikido alone, you will fail.

If you are accepting that a single technique or two will end your conflict, you will fail. If you overlook the value of the instinctive survival techniques, honing and incorporating them in to your Aikido training, you will fail.

Crosstraining , in my opinion, is the key to an effective martial toolbox. Punch/Kick, Lock/Pin/Break/Throw and Weapons. Yes, I said weapons, Improvised and Traditional, will help you realize your goal. Seek out the opportunities, discard the ineffective and apply yourself to the ones that are effective.

Ask questions, demand answers and make them demonstrate. Seeking knowledge is good, do not make decisions based solely on open discussions. Go, participate and decide, you are the only one that choses which direction to follow.

Train well...train hard,

Just to be obtuse I think that Aikido does contain all you need - it just depends on how you train.

Besides that the rest of the post is spot on - great fan of cross-training, situational training and just being aware of your own limitations and strengths.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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