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Re: Aikido as an actual Martial Art

The reason why Aikido can be termed "deadly" is simply this, the locks and holds work, yet lets bear in mind that they are not always meant to be used as simple submission holds; yes that works in some situations, yet if someone is attacking you physically you may have no option but to use the technique in full and break someones joints or limbs, that is the final end move of several Aikido techniques... If you think as a novice or even intermediate Aikidoa you can over power and lock someone indefinatley, you are likely going to struggle, more so if its against multiple attackers where you have no choice but to render the first and second ones unconcious or with damaged joints / limbs so they are immobile.

Then what comes next? You will be charged by the police, you will need a lawyer and you may well get a conviction depending on how good the prosecution people are. Aikidoa are in general well aware of what capacity they have to use Aikido to hurt people, yet its our philosophy that we are taught that causes many to simply walk away from conflict situations and the aftermath that comes with it. Aikido can easilly kill, maim or injure, learning how to deal with that is the larger part of the learning that comes with Aikido IMO.

Besides which, if Aikido did not work, why would the Israeli Military teach it within Krav Maga and use it to disarm miltiants and so on, when their own lives depend on it?

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