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Re: Meditation

Well for me training is meditation. A perfect mindfulness moment. I have to be here and now fully aware in the present. Don't think just try to open up and feel what uke is about to do. Do not prethink, try to not think at all just feel and react. With trying to feel come feelings. Make sure to seperate feelings from judgements. Just be and enjoy. That is the mindset i try to reach in the moments in seiza before we formally greet O'sensei and sensei. Most of the times a training deliveres me nice empty head and a full heart so i can cope with the hectic outside the dojo.

Now only hoping to one day to understand just the slightest thing about aikido. And to have technik that is a bit above crappy. Only just in it for a year, and young enough to hope on many more training and learning time.

Disclaimer: all stated above has the potential of being complete nonsense
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