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You only read the last couple comments before posting, and therefore misinterpretedy comment, and the value judgment that skepticism would somehow prevent fulfillment is pretty far off topic, but lets play anyway:

So far it hasn't been a problem for me. It just saves a lot of money and time by preventing the effects of religion and charlatanry. It's not foolproof by any means, it's just a big improvement upon being without the tools to evaluate the world from a logical, neutral position.
I'm not judging any comments you made, necessarily, but your tone is very resistant, very contentious. It's not foolproof, either, but it's a decent barometer of the state of your consciousness. That doesn't make you wrong, but it's very tiring. You can't row your boat gently up the stream.

Your resitance to religion and charlantry is reasonable- no one really requires anything of you to aid in your "salvation". Only your compassion toward other beings, and willingness to earnestly practice.

Tonglen might be a good practice for you. Sit and breathe in all the negativity in the world, then breathe out loving kindness to all beings, if you like. Do that 20 minutes daily for a month, then see how your life has improved while you were distracted. It will. Compassion is absolutely free to give away, but it pays huge dividends.
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