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Keith Larman
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Re: YouTube Videos and Copyright Issues

I have said it before and I'll say it again. The attitudes expressed in this thread by some is creating a world where there is a overwhelming bloat of shallow, incomplete information while those with the depth of knowledge increasingly refuse to disseminate what they know. So the pool just becomes wider and wider as each day passes, but it is increasingly shallow.

Intellectual property has suffered greatly due to the attitudes expressed in this thread. Ironically I was asked just recently for some technical opinions about protecting video content by a group that studies an ancient (and some would say dying) art form. They have access to a lot of very good information that they would like to publish but are afraid that as a non profit that they will not be able to afford the licensing and costs associated with making the information widely available should it simply end up on youtube (which it will). So the bottom line? I doubt they'll do it.

But, all that said, ultimately this discussion has nothing to do with whether someone benefits or not from their intellectual property. What it has to do with is the right of the intellectual property creator to maintain control over their intellectual property. If they don't want it shared, that's it. Everything else is irrelevant. Yes, it may be unavoidable because so few even thing twice about copying it. And that may be the way things will be from now on. But if the owner doesn't want it share it isn't up to someone else to decide it is "better" for them if they steal it and share it. What? I think I'll go to the local car lot and steal a car to show some friends who might be interested in buying one themselves... That's in their best interest, right?

In the end we will have the world we deserve. Those who know will have zero reason to spend the time/money/resources to disseminate their info. And we'll be left with guys in their mom's basements wearing their ninja turtle underoos showing their made up twirly two-sword farting weasel style sword kata...

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