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Re: YouTube Videos and Copyright Issues

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post

Not a legal expert on Hungarian Law, but they are a member of the EU so I would bet they have the same international copyright laws that apply to all EU countries, as such it would be illegal to copy and distribute such things even in Hungary.

You have to expect a heated discussion from artist and those that earn their living off there knowledge, skills, and wisdom (intellectual property), they have worked hard to synthesize what they know...they are typically generous too!

However, when some Bozo decides to plaster what they do all over the internet and encroach upon their ability to earn a living...well...then they are being a Jerk...and that is being polite!
- As for the last part in your quote above, that appears to be where the miscommunication came in, as described in my last post of this thread.

- As for artist, my wife and I totally relate as we are professional artist - producer/directors of fine/applied art & digital video/media...
[have been for 16+ years.]

- As for Hungarian E.U. law, it may be surprising to realize but things arent as cut and dried as one might assume.
[i.e., some people assume that E.U. means free trade across borders, using the Euro, etc. - only recently has Hungary had the borders open without checks, and the Euro is nowhere in sight.
As for downloading, copying, the last official word I heard is that its legit - you just cant upload.]

Now... this may sound awkward, but take a look at the thread I made which was spun off from the discussion here.
You will begin to realize that there are more legit concerns here than downloading and sharing media...

The primary issues are the fact that companies, [here in Hungary] are not paying artist, they steal work outright and use it without any royalties/credits at all. [We are talking about a big corporate mess here, and western companies hands are not clean either.]

As I hinted at in the new thread on this topic, the real issue is the theft in the corporate world, we fight each other while the structure at the top is broken and leaking the sewage downstream... and that is what the people swim in, and "monkey see, monkey do"

Again, Im not arguing any point of view - I have been clear that I think people get a bit over tight about things and it only makes it worse... [again, we have had work stolen from us... from a company... so we relate]. But the point is, things are not black and white... there are so many shades of grey connecting the two colors [white and black] that its crazy.

Each situation has its own balance to it for those who wish to seek it. [Im not the best at explaining things, but Im sure you know where Im coming from.]



Reminds me of my early years when a large corporation, [design firm that is now under], had a producer that did not want to pay me for my work... we lived pay check by pay check.
It was my luck I had a contract my wife had me make with the guys signature on it.

As soon as I emailed a copy of that to the company a check was cut immediately.
After he ignored every other email.
[We went to celebrate after the check of course]

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