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Re: Discussion of Aiki Video

Toby Threadgill wrote: View Post
So, Kondo approving or disapproving of his video being on Youtube is up to Kondo, not some jerk in Hungary that thinks its okay to post it.
I believe I said the same thing Toby - well, not the Jerk part... [i actually like myself]

The irony here is that Im in a country where its legal to download, copy, etc. - BUT, I do continue to buy my stuff.

Is that strange that I buy things whenever I stated what I did in my other post? Not at all.

Seeing an enemy will for sure create one even if that enemy is not there - seeing potential will open doors that were not there before.

I hope you and I can meet on more cordial terms in the future... it would be nice.



Toby, after re-reading, were you under the impression I posted the clips??? [If so that is funny, as I had nothing to do with it.]

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