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Re: YouTube Videos and Copyright Issues

I certainly agree that it is the choice of the copyright owner as to whether they share some or all of their work on the internet. No one should do so without permission of the owner.

The question that interests me is do clips on Youtube (or similar) decrease or increase the likelihood of someone purchasing a product?

I stumbled across a music group on Youtube a little while ago and have so far bought 4 of their DVDs and 2 CDs. I have now seen clips from their latest DVD on Youtube and will definitely be buying the latest DVD and CD. The result of them having clips on the internet is that I will have purchased 5 of their DVDs and 3 CDs for a group that I would never have even heard of if not for Youtube.

I am aware though that this may not always be the case - some people may just download a clip and never purchase the original.
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