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Re: Controling Yourself AKA be nice to your Uke!

We have enough injury in training without someone trying to hurt people. If this problem student is hurting people, sensei has an obligation to inform the student of the issue and attempt to reconcile it. Students in the dojo have an obligation to tell the problem student, "I choose not to work with you because you may uneccessarily injure me." If the problem student chooses not to respect the wishes of his (or her) fellow students, and the problem student chooses not to adhere to the reconciliation put forth from the sensei, then I believe that student should not have a choice to stay in the dojo.

We train in a dangerous martial art. We need a safe haven in which to train. If a student threatens that haven, they should not be allowed to remain. We too often have "lost puppy syndrome" and keep people around the dojo who are a threat to the well-being of our students.

If your problem student was clearly told that he must change his ways, and he did not, then he is not worthy of your mat or training.
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