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Re: Power and Compassion

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
I understand your point about a frustration with "the aiki-dark ages" but it IS being corrected now. We are going through an "aiki renaissance" and it will be a while before what I suggested can happen.

And my point about that is that it is a foregone conclusion that it WILL BE addressed. I'm just looking to address the problems that will NOT just automatically take care of themselves.
Oh, I don't have any particular frustration with what you're terming "the aiki dark-ages". I'm talking about now.

Remember that the Dark Ages had this sort of information (maybe or maybe not clear, but it was there). That was my point in mentioning Tohei. There was information. Tohei made it a point to give special classes to native Japanese instructors. There were many Aikidoists who had "compassion" and who were "good guys" with "all the best intentions". Did I mention there was also a growing coterie of westerners with Aiki-Speak and affected pseudo-Hagakure manners? Yet despite that, it didn't happen. The questions is why.

Ellis Amdur posits the general scenario of "Hidden in Plain Sight" (HIPS). Most people I've talked to think, as you do, that there was some problem(s) somewhere in the past, by people or peoples unknown that caused the HIPS syndrome.

You are also positing some future benevolent occurrence. What I'm trying to say is that there's nothing much different in the attitudes of Now and 10-15 years ago as there was back in the Dark Ages. The same attitudes in the general Aikido population are still here. Few people really look and few people in high places want to jeopardize their current positions. It's the same stuff that caused you to waste a large number of your Aikido years before discovering something pretty basic.

So my observation is more of a clinical comment that what happened in the past is the same stuff that is happening right now and it's going to also have an affect on the future. The HIPS days, the Now, and the Future are all part of the same thing... and the same things that happened before are actually happening right now. Look at the conflicts, the attempts to divert discussions to personality attacks (I had some nasty personal emails yesterday from one loon), and so on. You're not *past* the old days.... you're still in 'em.

I appreciate your efforts and intentions and wish you well in your endeavours, but I thought it worth noting that you shouldn't count your renaissances before they hatch.


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