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Mike Sigman
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Re: Power and Compassion

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
We can get all caught up in the lack of compassion someone has who is actively decieving their students OR the potential lack of compassion someone has who is stubbornly refusing to investigate the direct aiki skills which you can make a case about do their students a disservice, or whatever other flavor, but that wasn't my point becuase there is ALREADY a system in place to address that - we call them "open invitation seminars". If in the not too far future you show up to a seminar and everyone at the other school has internal skills beyond your current shihan the message will be clear.
Why in the future? Why not now? Why the dearth of "internal skills"?

You can probably just look at most of the "ki tests" that are in some of the Tohei books and maybe (let's assume you can) do all of them easily now. How long has "This is Aikido" been out? 1968.

So why in the future? What happened to the now? How much good did all the compassion do most people in Aikido in the last 40 years??? It's an interesting topic.


Mike Sigman
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