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You have arrived on this forum and taken on a role as someone who is quite authoritative about all sorts of stuff. If you can hold your own with the senior folks then fine. But you don't get to have it both ways. You are asking a question here that none of the senior folks would ask. They, and I think you, already know the answer. The post doesn't serve a purpose other than to make a case for you to feel righteous about some percieved mistreatment. As far as I can tell, you have already solved the problem by not being there any more.

Lynn is right, get over it and start training somewhere that you do like and that fits your personality... If you really feel the need to vent, go over to the e-budo site and contribute to the Bad Budo threads. You'll get all the participation you could want for this type of thing.

That said, from a training standpoint it doesn't do you any good to hang on to something and dwell on the negative. Figure out what yuu want to do and do it. Go forward without looking back.

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