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Re: Self-defense, Wisdom, and the Way of Aikido

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Training like your life depends on it means you train hard in class without wasting your time or effort by giving anything less than 100%. We don't go to class to goof around so always practice, giving 100%. The way you train is the way you will react in a situation. Wisdom and knowledge are 2 different things. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting in a fruit salad.
What does it mean to give 100%?
Professional fighters do not give 100% in training or sparring, otherwise in the next fight they have nothing left. Many of the people that train as if their life depends on, are those that go go to laugh into the cellar.

Normally on the mat we do not fight, we do keiko, and there is more then one method of keiko.
For some things that have to be learned it is important to do it slow ore soft, and other skills require training in full speed, strong grip ore something else. Keiko is development of body and also of mind, always give 100% is a very simple concept.

In hikitate geiko for some beginners ore lower ranked students it might be very dangerous if I would give them 100% of my power, gokaku geiko is a different task.
In every kind of keiko one there should be a high level of awareness and attention, but also passion, sensitiveness and spirit.
In some situation it is impossible to give 100% of power, when an injury must be cured ore for other health reasons. It would be stupid and not very wise to train with an intensity of 100% in such a condition.
I have to admit that my head sometimes forgets, but next day I realise my body remembers still.

I agree that goofing around is not an appropriate attitude for training aikido. There must be toughness, endurance and personal devotion, but some people train with a kind of morosity I do not like.

How you react in a sitation depends on your state of mind and your heart, if there is fear and the enemy inside is strong, ore if there is valor and resoluteness.
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