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Re: Self-defense, Wisdom, and the Way of Aikido

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
I found this quote in a political article, but it struck me as applicable to the ongoing self-defense debates, too.

Everyone talks about how aikido needs to be a "real" martial art, with credible self-defense capabilities. I actually tend to agree with that. But it's also a "do," a Way, aimed at developing better human beings.

Very few of us will ever actually need to use our martial training to protect ourselves or our loved ones. But I suspect we could all do with a little bit more wisdom.

True, but if you don't train like your life depends on it you are just playing lip service to all the lofty 'spiritual growth' aspects of budo. Saying is not as productive as doing, and its difficult to grow or change without difficulty or pain.

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