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Re: Change In The Martial Arts

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I can't tell if this is what you intended, Ben, but you seem to be making a pretty strong case that the techniques of a martial art ultimately don't matter, what is important is having an indomitable will to win / succeed / survive / etc. Almost as though the formal structure of a martial art is meant to teach you that, and the techniques are basically effluvium....
I guess I disagree on technique but perhaps agree on the importance of survial as the second point.

Take a 1970's Bruce Lee video or similar era martial arts movie, - plot, Dojo A sets up in an area, Dojo's B and C dont want them there and challenge them. Dojo A eventually wins proving the legitimacy of their martial art and recieves recognition and is permitted to stay there. - Whilst this is a movie plot its openly factual in the evolution of martial arts and is an example of MMA. That very situation occured on a regular basis and if you could not win / succeed / survive etc the local authorities would close you down.

Bear in mind that I am talking about Martial Arts philiosopy here in general. I am not saying that the Aikido groups share that philosophy as such, but will point out that O'Sensei did on occassions beat high ranking Martial Artists, some of which became Aikioka - Abbe Sensei as one example on the train in Japan.

Techniques is a scenario where I believe that most Martial Art systems have more than enough techniques to handle any given situation. Yet do not teach all of them because they physically cannot communicate all of them. People teach what they know well and form a core group of techniques and add to them as they go from their own syllabus. The study of ancient Kata in Kung Fu and similar arts is helping people to rediscover these techniques or that it what is being suggested anyway.
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