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Re: "Irimi" by Ellis Amdur

Doug Walker wrote: View Post
One of the few times I find myself in sympathy with Homma.

Just the other day I was having dinner with an old timer from another art who was there in Hawaii to watch it all unfold. Interestingly, and too his credit, Tohei saw what he was training, told him to keep it up and not bother with aikido.

Anyway, as he was complaining that no one (especially the nanadans coming over from Japan) understands the training and the proper roll of teacher and student, I flat out asked him, "So what went wrong?" And he said (badly paraphrased) it was the 60s and that we (us. everyone) were looking for the guru so we, ourselves, created the monster and threw the traditions out. He watched it happen. Is routinely ignored because he doesn't play that game. And now he sees the home grown version stepping into positions of leadership. People prefer the imitation over the original.
I know what you mean - I am from that era and a lot of people were ripe for the mystical teachings of ki, and there were those that exploited that for their own benefit. Unfortunately, that gave Ki a bad name and turned people away from understanding how true ki is an integral part of developing a coordinated mind and body; which is a core requirement for establishing soft power in the internal arts.

Just my opinion...

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