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Kevin Flanagan
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Re: How much do you train??

At my home dojo, Monday for 2.5 hrs, Thursday for 1.5 hours. that is all the class time that we have.

After my first year, I felt ready for a third day of training. So I started visiting other dojos. About once a week. I found another dojo that I liked and started going there twice a week.

Four times a week was too much for me. My wife started calling herself an aiki widow. My body wasn't recovering enough between classes. I found that I was stagnating instead of growing. So I have backed off some.

I also go to a seminar about once a month.

My primary sensei told me that eventually, I would become much more selective about with whom, and where I would train. I have found that to be true. But I still feel a real need to experience as much variety in training as I can handle. Aikido, like the universe, seems to be infinitly complex. Each teacher has a slightly different emphasis and a slightly different way of explaining the way.
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