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How would aikido fare in an actual fight?

I know, I know. Aikido isn't suppose to be competitive. I think so too, but I am 110% sure I'll end up having to spar with my friend to see who's the better fighter. We've already done sword fighting, so yeah. Well, now I am questioning if Aikido would be good for a friendly fight. I've seen videos, but mostly they were fake/acted or the aikido person...sucked. I mean, the ones I saw didn't compare to what I know is 'good' aikido. Bad form and stuff.

So I am curious is Aikido would be good against a person in MMA. I cant describe his actual style. He's self-taught, he says. He's quick, and kicks alot. He's tried to use some tripping techniques on me...but they're weak. In swordfighting, he can either take you out fast and early, or get beat later. So he gets tired quick. Thats really as much as I can describe. I'll ask him what style he takes.
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