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Re: Physical Tension - Another Thought

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
Right, next is doka with references to heavenly bridges .. I'm gonna have get out my label maker and stick a fluffy bunny sticker on you if it comes to that! Maybe instead of kiai after a throw I'll just go 'woo woo'.
Good point. One of the things that I remember surprised me was to find out that the harsh and critical remarks by the real experts I've met in Asian martial-arts far exceeded my own comparatively diplomatic observations. I think I'm going to retire and write soothing Douka and Haiku so that people only have to read the words and will automatically have the skills without having to do any hard work.

Well, wait.... instead of the needlessly complex syllabic requirement of Haiku, I should condense these revelations of mine to a mere two syllables. Like this one, which will no doubt trigger enlightenment for many people looking for I.S. clues, here's a three-syllable condensed direction:

Bite Me, Y'all.

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