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lars beyer
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Re: Styles of Aikido - which is right for me?

Philip Zeplin-Frederiksen wrote: View Post
I seem to have offended you... not exactly sure why though. If you're simply going to be posting passive-aggressive troll replies, and have nothing constructive to add to this at all, I'd rather you just leave the thread alone Ironic that you seem to take offence at my search for answers, and turn to such behaviour, on an Aikido forum. I hope you are not in any way a hint of things to come.
Being constructive is a two way process dear Philip. Itīs give and take. I think you know the answers allready and maybe you should try to put the puzzle together for yourself. We all have to do that you know.
You wonīt get anyone to say publicly which style is better than the other, and you will never reach a point where people will agree on this.. so why bother asking this question ? If you notice this whole forum is discussing all possible aspects of aikido for years and years and many more years to come.
There are no easy answers and no easy fixes to general questions and problems.
I have learned that by writing here as well and publicly making an ass of myself at one point.
So my advice to you is to start listening carefully before you do the same. We are afterall merely beginners and we should act accordingly. I wish I realized that 3 months ago but we all learn I guess.