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Re: Shocking video: karate black belt almost beats man who does not wnt to fight to d

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Is there anything I can say without winding you up???

I've seen Hapkido videos on youtube which demonstrate this. By incapacitating, I mean a hold that you can't get out of, or you can't respond to, that leaves the thrower in a 'winning' position.

I don't do Aikido, I've just read up about it.I'm not sure I could do the ukemi. I know a Taekwondo black belt. I read the papers.

I've had my head stamped on, by a neighbour, who lived beneath me, who thought I was strange, cos I read books and didn't sit and watch TV all night. I was laughed at and told to get a head X ray when I complained about it to the police. iIve seen 'appalling' I wouldn't do it to anyone.

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