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Re: Shocking video: karate black belt almost beats man who does not wnt to fight to d

Carl Rylander wrote: View Post
I'm sorry, you guys, I didn't realise it was that bad. I didn't realise the blood coming out of his nose was a bad sign. Of course, a trained martial artist shouldn't be doing this. I'm a little enured to it. Where I come from, five onto one, or two onto one, is regarded as fair and normal and right and you always kick someone when they are down, as a way of humiliating them and hammering home the fact that you are the victor. It's normal where I come from, and in a lot of places in Britain. I certainly wouldn't do it. I would be a little enthusiastic with some of my pressure point applications and holds, and I might try an incapaciting atemi, if I was attacked in the street! I would not do it in a dojo, of course.

Surely you should be aware that this happens on the stree a lot? If you read the papers!
Simple math

Punched in the nose and it bleeds = normal and safe

Kneed in the back of the skull and your head is stomped into the ground and blood comes out of your mouth/nose and you are choking on your own blood = not normal, very unsafe, you are probably going to die.

There is every indication in that film that the man who was attacked would probably die without medical treatment, or at least be handicapped for life.

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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