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Lightbulb The AikiWeb AikiWiki

Hi everyone,

In hopes of creating a revolutionary new method of presenting and collecting aikido information, I am truly excited to present to you the AikiWeb AikiWiki, now available for your persual (and editing!) here:

For those of you who many now know what a "Wiki" is, it's basically a dynamic collection of web pages that is open to members of a community to modify. In other words, if you're an AikiWeb member, you'll be able to modify the information on the current AikiWiki pages as well as add new pages. This means that you, the AikiWeb community, will be at the helm of this grand project of collecting as much information that we have on the art of aikido!

One note, though. To keep all of the information open for the AikiWeb community as well as others who may with to re-use the information, the license behind the AikiWiki is known as the Creative Commons License. This means, basically, that you'll need to be careful about re-using other people's information (from other websites, books, publications, etc). Original material (either by you or by someone else with permission to publish under the Creative Commons License ) is appreciated!

There are many other resources regarding aikido out there that have been compiled by a small number of people. I believe that we can harness the vast collection of aikido experience that the AikiWeb community brings to create a much broader and open collection of aikido information. I will need your help in reaching this vision. I can not do this alone; but with your help, we can create a resource valuable to the entire aikido community that will be truly greater than the sum of its parts.

So, please contribute your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and energy to this AikiWiki. I truly believe this can become something amazing if we all work together.

Any and all thoughts on the AikiWiki would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

-- Jun

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